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PROMYSE e-book: Youth Social Entrepreneurship matters

PROMYSE was a project funded by Erasmus KA2 (Youth). The objective of PROMYSE was to promote social entrepreneurship in the social care sector as an alternative pathway to youth self-sustainability, by developing the

social entrepreneurship and business skills of unemployed youth and raising awareness on the impact of social enterprises to the community.

PROMYSE legacy is presented in an E-book which depicts its impact in local, national and European level since its

inception in September 2017. Launched successfully at the 7th Annual IARS International Conference, the

“PROMYSE E-book – Youth Social Entrepreneurship matters” has since been published in two separate versions: a shorter version with the executive summaries from all countries in English, and a longer version including chapters from all participating countries written in native languages.

The common structure in all chapters and executive summaries allows the reader to compare the results and

findings in all countries in order to understand the context of youth social entrepreneurship across Europe and to identify the relevant context, alternative pathways to education and employability, as well as the suggested policy recommendations. The E-book contains the results, findings and tasks completed by all partners in the five countries participated in the project. IARS coordinated the project, which was delivered with 5 other partners from Europe, namely KMOP-Social Action and Innovation Centre (Greece), ICSE & Co (Italy), Canary Wharf Consulting (UK), Diesis Coop (Belgium) and VŠĮ Diversity Development Group (Lithuania).